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Reki Yoko Heisei 29 (2017)

February 1st, 2016, announced by NAOJ
Glossary:Motion of Sun, Moon, and planets
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Sunrise and Sunset in Tokyo         Heisei 29 (2017)

Sunrise and Sunset in Tokyo (1)

Sunrise Sunset
January 1st 6h51m 16h39m
January 11th 6h51m 16h47m
January 21st 6h48m 16h57m
January 31st 6h42m 17h07m
February 10th 6h33m 17h18m
February 20th 6h22m 17h28m
March 2nd 6h10m 17h37m
March 12th 5h56m 17h46m
March 22nd 5h42m 17h54m
April 1st 5h28m 18h03m
April 11th 5h14m 18h11m
April 21st 5h01m 18h19m
May 1st 4h49m 18h27m
May 11th 4h40m 18h36m
May 21st 4h32m 18h44m
May 31st 4h27m 18h51m
June 10th 4h25m 18h56m
June 20th 4h25m 19h00m
June 30th 4h28m 19h01m

Sunrise and Sunset in Tokyo (2)

Sunrise Sunset
July 10th 4h33m 18h59m
July 20th 4h40m 18h55m
July 30th 4h47m 18h47m
August 9th 4h55m 18h38m
August 19th 5h03m 18h26m
August 29th 5h10m 18h13m
September 8th 5h18m 17h59m
September 18th 5h26m 17h44m
September 28th 5h33m 17h30m
October 8th 5h41m 17h15m
October 18th 5h50m 17h02m
October 28th 5h59m 16h50m
November 7th 6h08m 16h41m
November 17th 6h18m 16h33m
November 27th 6h28m 16h29m
December 7th 6h37m 16h28m
December 17th 6h44m 16h30m
December 27th 6h49m 16h35m