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Transit of Mercury, Venus

With Local Prediction of Transit of Planet, you can find local predictions of the phenomena. You can also check long term data with Eclipse / Transit / Occultation Database.


Since Mercury and Venus are inside the orbit of the Earth, the line Sun - Mercury or Venus - Earth can become straight. This is called Transit of Mercury or Venus and the planet, looks like tiny black point, passes in front of the disk of the Sun. If the disk of the planet is as large as the disk of Moon, it is called Solar Eclipse.

Caution! When you observe transit of planet, you MUST NOT directly look at the sun. Otherwise, you might loose your eyesight.

Transit of Venus Mechanism Transit of planet

Transit Maps

Transit Map

Transit Map gives you hints where the transit is visible.

"Visible" shows the area where whole transit is visible. Every time you cross the line, the planet is under the horizon at time of certain phenomena and not visible.