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Reki Yoko Heisei 17 (2005)

February 2nd, 2004, announced by NAOJ
Glossary:24 Sekki and Zassetsu
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24 Sekki and Zassetsu         Heisei 17 (2005)

24 Sekki and Zassetsu (1)

Name LongitudeJCST
Shoukan285° January 5th15h03m
Daikan300° January 20th8h22m
Risshun315° February 4th2h43m
Usui330° February 18th22h32m
Keichitsu345° March 5th20h45m
Shunbun March 20th21h33m
Seimei15° April 5th1h34m
Kokuu30° April 20th8h37m
Rikka45° May 5th18h53m
Shouman60° May 21st7h47m
Boushu75° June 5th23h02m
Geshi90° June 21st15h46m
Shousho105° July 7th9h17m
Taisho120° July 23rd2h41m
Risshuu135° August 7th19h03m
Shosho150° August 23rd9h45m
Hakuro165° September 7th21h57m
Shuubun180° September 23rd7h23m

24 Sekki and Zassetsu (2)

Name LongitudeJCST
Kanro195° October 8th13h33m
Soukou210° October 23rd16h42m
Rittou225° November 7th16h42m
Shousetsu240° November 22nd14h15m
Taisetsu255° December 7th9h33m
Touji270° December 22nd3h35m
Doyou297° January 17th9h38m
SetsubunFebruary 3rd
HiganMarch 17th
Doyou27° April 17th6h56m
88 YaMay 2nd
Nyuubai80° June 11th4h26m
Hangeshou100° July 2nd3h27m
Doyou117° July 19th23h13m
210 KaSeptember 1st
HiganSeptember 20th
Doyou207° October 20th16h19m