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Reki Yoko Heisei 20 (2008)

February 1st, 2007, announced by NAOJ
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Phases of the Moon         Heisei 20 (2008)

Phases of the Moon (1)

Date Time
New MoonJanuary 8th20h37m
First QuarterJanuary 16th 4h46m
Full MoonJanuary 22nd22h35m
Last QuarterJanuary 30th14h03m
New MoonFebruary 7th12h45m
First QuarterFebruary 14th12h33m
Full MoonFebruary 21st12h31m
Last QuarterFebruary 29th11h18m
New MoonMarch 8th 2h14m
First QuarterMarch 14th19h46m
Full MoonMarch 22nd 3h40m
Last QuarterMarch 30th 6h47m
New MoonApril 6th12h55m
First QuarterApril 13th 3h32m
Full MoonApril 20th19h25m
Last QuarterApril 28th23h12m
New MoonMay 5th21h18m
First QuarterMay 12th12h47m
Full MoonMay 20th11h11m
Last QuarterMay 28th11h57m
New MoonJune 4th 4h23m
First QuarterJune 11th 0h04m
Full MoonJune 19th 2h30m
Last QuarterJune 26th21h10m

Phases of the Moon (2)

Date Time
New MoonJuly 3rd11h19m
First QuarterJuly 10th13h35m
Full MoonJuly 18th16h59m
Last QuarterJuly 26th 3h42m
New MoonAugust 1st19h13m
First QuarterAugust 9th 5h20m
Full MoonAugust 17th 6h16m
Last QuarterAugust 24th 8h50m
New MoonAugust 31st 4h58m
First QuarterSeptember 7th23h04m
Full MoonSeptember 15th18h13m
Last QuarterSeptember 22nd14h04m
New MoonSeptember 29th17h12m
First QuarterOctober 7th18h04m
Full MoonOctober 15th 5h02m
Last QuarterOctober 21st20h55m
New MoonOctober 29th 8h14m
First QuarterNovember 6th13h03m
Full MoonNovember 13th15h17m
Last QuarterNovember 20th 6h31m
New MoonNovember 28th 1h55m
First QuarterDecember 6th 6h26m
Full MoonDecember 13th 1h37m
Last QuarterDecember 19th19h29m
New MoonDecember 27th21h22m