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Reki Yoko Heisei 21 (2009)

February 1st, 2008, announced by NAOJ
Glossary:Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Transit of Planet
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Eclipses         Heisei 21 (2009)

In this year, there are 2 Solar Eclipses. Among those, 2 Solar Eclipses are visible from Japan.

1. January 26th         Annular Solar Eclipse

In general, partial eclipse is visible from Sakishima Islands, though the Sun sets right after the eclipse begins.

2. July 22nd         Total Solar Eclipse

In general, partial eclipse is visible from all over Japan. In particular, total eclipse is visible from northern Amami Ohshima, Tokara Islands, Yakushima, Kita Io-to and Io-to. Local circumstances are as follows.

PlaceEclipse beginsGreatest eclipseEclipse ends
Naha 9h32m50s10h54m07s 94°0.91712h20m19s139°
Fukuoka 9h37m39s344°10h56m05s254°0.89712h17m48s129°
Kyoto 9h47m40s336°11h05m52s243°0.80912h25m21s112°
Tokyo 9h55m33s330°11h12m58s230°0.74912h30m20s104°
Sendai 9h59m09s318°11h12m52s224°0.65712h26m24s113°
PlaceEclipse beginsTotal eclipse beginsGreatest eclipseTotal eclipse endsEclipse ends
Amami Ohshima 9h35m21s10h55m58s251°10h56m53s 88°1.00210h57m48s284°12h22m26s123°
Akuseki Island 9h35m25s358°10h53m16s177°10h56m28s85°1.03910h59m41s353°12h21m26s125°
Yakushima 9h37m06s356°10h56m10s120°10h58m07s262°1.00811h00m05s44°12h22m37s120°